Don't Let Copilot Expose Excess Permissions.

Copilot makes it easier than ever to surface unwanted data to anyone who cares to ask. Get a readiness assessment today.


The Problem
Sensitive data in OneDrive & SharePoint is often widely accessible, with "penetration tests" commonly revealing vulnerabilities like exposed salaries. Copilot exhaustively retrieves data its user already has access to, and makes answering questions with sensitive data easy for anyone.

Our Solution
Get a detailed Copilot readiness + data security analysis, ensuring GenAI integration doesn't publicly surface any sensitive data. Identify vulnerabilities and opportunities to strengthen access controls. Get a clear plan to remediate issues so that Copilot can be deployed. 


Our Strategy


Classify Data
Surface sensitive data like HR information, PII, PCI, or business IP across O365

Size Up Copilot Risk
Identify the riskiest folders, sites, & users whose access needs to be tightened

Remediate With A Plan
Recommend actionable steps for removing unwanted risk in data retrieved by Copilot.

Get a Copilot Readiness Assessment Today.