Download the DataGuard vs. Macie Datasheet
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Robust, actionable data security at your fingertips. 
Let us show you how DataGuard provides cost-effective growth while offering scalability and actionable insights.

DataGuard supports a complete, data object-level understanding of:

  • The data (from sensitivity to location)
  • The identities that have access (permissions)
  • Operations performed on the data by those identities (flows)
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Data Security Posture Management (DSPM) helps modern organizations manage the level of complexity and scale involved with protecting their most important asset—their data. 

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Full Data Visibility

Unifies visibility into data objects across all data stores, answering the data security and compliance questions that traditional cloud security tools cannot. 

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Designed for SecOps

DataGuard is a DSPM solution that arms security operations teams with a single source of information about their data security posture and associated data risks across AWS, GCP, Azure, and on-premise environments.